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Refrigeration Controls::

Introducing the HRC Refrigeration Controller

Head Pressure Control:

Floating head pressure controls with condensing fan VFD support and individual fan layout profiles. Reducing the head pressure on a typical unit can reduce energy consumption considerably (typically 25-40%)

Compressor Protection:

The HRC comes equipped with many circuit safety features including; Crankcase heater protection; Real time superheat monitoring and alarming; External alarm control and reporting for compressor module, head pressure, oil pressure, phase monitor, and a generic; Internal software protection for head pressure, oil pressure, discharge temperature, suction pressure, and superheat.

Integrated Display:

The HRC comes equipped standard with an LCD display for viewing current operating status, alarm information, and current system operating temperatures and pressures. If installed with a JMC storage panel this information can be displayed on the main panel through an ethernet link.

Extensive Software and Remote Access Capabilities:

Like most JMC control products the HRC is capable of being accessed remotely via phone or direct internet connection. This capability can reduce service call time and cost by providing good information before a technician leaves the shop and in many cases alarms can be reset via the remote software. A software demo is available here and includes HRC screens.




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